Monday, November 30, 2009

Where we are going to be this week....

Trendy Handbags has a lot of events during the month of December! Please check out our website under PARTIES and see where we will be! There will be a few specials that are only available at the events and not online! We have extended our Black Friday Sale due to technical difficulties over the weekend until Sunday, December 6. $25 off for $100 you spend! PLUS our medium duffel bags are on sale for $20!

Come check the website out at new Trendy Handbags !

Enter the coupon code: blackfriday to get you $25 off your $100!


sumant said...
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sumant said...

You are very right that all the trendy designed bags are coming on December.Thanks for to let us know that where and when have to go for bag shopping.
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